“And then someone comes who understands your madness”: China Suárez surprised Rusherking with a wink and a “stick” for her ex

China Suárez dismissed the rumors that emerged in the Argentine press about an alleged break with Rusherking with a romantic message that he shared on his social networks. However, one detail did not go unnoticed.

In her Instagram stories, the actress shared an image of a poem about “the ideal person.”

“And then someone comes along who understands your madness. Someone who embraces your fears and who is not scared by your disaster, ”says the message at the beginning.

“Someone who has the ability to discover art, beauty and happiness in you. A love that fits without reproach; someone who knows how to love you in each of his days”, closes the affectionate post that China shared.

Some Argentine media pointed out that although the message was for her current boyfriend, Rusherking, it was also a direct one for her ex-partner, the Chilean actor Benjamín Vicuña.

And it is that China and Benjamin have not been on good terms since the end of their relationship, as has been known. Some time ago The actress questioned the role of the actor with a “stick” that she sent him when defending herself against the criticism that came to her.

Likewise, the trans-Andean media assured that, in the midst of the complicated family situation that Vicuña is going through, China would have kept silent and the actor had not been contacted to find out about the health status of his children’s grandfather.

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