An Instagram bug plays the sound of the Stories with the silent mode of iOS activated

MADRID, Sep. 12 (Portaltic/EP) –

An application error Instagram maintains the automatic reproduction of the sound of the Stories (‘Stories’) when the user has activated the silent mode of the iPhone, a bug introduced by the latest update of the social network.

The appearance of this problem dates back to September 7, with the most recent update of the social network’s ‘app’ for iOS, as those affected have been recording on other platforms like twitter.

According to them, since then they are unable to turn off the sound of their Instagram Stories with the silent mode of their iPhone activated. This iOS function allows, thanks to a switch located on the side, to immediately activate or deactivate the sound of the device.

A spokesperson for the parent company of the social network, Meta Platformshas recognized the American media Newsweek that it is a “mistake” which affects only “some iOS users”.

This same company representative has assured that Meta is already working on solving the problem. “as soon as possible”. Until then, affected iPhone users will be able to mute Stories manually, either from one of the device’s side volume buttons or from the device’s Control Center.

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