Américo pays tribute to Zalo Reyes with a particular version

Almost two weeks after the death of Zalo Reyes, tributes to his life and artistic career continue. Thus, Américo decided to publish a version for the classic With a tear in my throat (1979), one of the emblematic themes of the “Conchalí sparrow”.

“Dear Zalito, kiss the sky, be free, fly high Sparrow,” wrote the man from The spell just found out the sad news. “Your music, your humility, your story and your legacy stay with us. That music that was you, today is everywhere”.

Américo’s version was recorded in March 2017, under the musical production of the same artist and arrangements by Anthony Albert Guajardo and Cucouch Petraello.. It is a more calm revision compared to the original, with a more international focus in which piano and strings predominate, although it has some nods to the Zalo Reyes recording in the sound of guitar passed through effect, just as guitarist Fernando González did.

With a tear in my throatis an original song by Argentine Roberto Livi. It was recorded by the “gorrión”, accompanied by the musicians Fernando González, Tilo González, Ernesto Holman and Jorge Soto, at the request of the producers of EMI Odeón Chile, who needed to prop up the young artist’s career.

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