“Alexis Sánchez was my priority”

in conversation with The Tenors of Radio ADN, jorge sampaolireferred to the present of Alexis Sánchez at Olympique de Marseille, an AL club that he stopped directing a few months ago.

“When I was in Marseille, I always tried to bring Alexis Sánchez. When I planned this season, he was a priority, although at that time he had not yet disassociated himself from Inter ”said the Copa América champion coach with La Roja in 2015.


Sampaoli does not have a positive view of what the Tocopillano is experiencing in Marseille. “When I left, because of the Champions League qualification and that the club was not willing to invest, a more physical coach arrived (Igor Tudor). We had chosen a positional game in a very dizzying football like French. The new DT changed a lot of things”began by explaining the DT.

“Today Marseille plays with 3 central defenders, 2 lanes and everything is more direct. In that back and forth, Alexis can’t find a place and that’s why he spends so much time without touching the ball. The idea is that he connects with his teammates and that is the idea that we had, that he communicates with Payet, Guendouzi and Gerson ”said the strategist.

Regarding Marseille and Olympique, which Sampaoli directed in 67 games, the Argentine explained that “The Velodrome is a place of extreme passion. The coaches are the social comforters, because when sometimes you don’t win, there is a lot of murmuring, a lot of obligation due to the fact of not winning. And when you win, the celebrations end up being excessive. And that is complicated for a DT.”

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