Albas players launch a powerful statement on the case of Ysaura Viso

The days in Colo Colo Feminine are not being easy. Las Albas lost their place in the Copa Libertadores before Santiago Morning and, in addition, they had to regret the resignation of Ysaura Viso due to family problems, according to the club in a statement.

This left no one indifferent. On campus they came out en masse to support Viso and, through social networks, they put forward some reasons why the Venezuelan had to leave the Cacique, pointing out that what the club announced was not true.

From Blanco y Negro they gave their version of the events and pointed out that all possible efforts were made to bring the player’s family, sHowever, the VISA procedures could not be carried out and, despite being able to schedule a meeting with the authorities, the forward gave up and preferred to leave the institution.

However, the crossfire continues. The Colo Colo Women’s players reunited and released a powerful statement revealing the real reasons for their partner’s departure, demanding that the club take responsibility, targeting the coordinator of women’s football and, in addition, announcing a stoppage of their activities.

In the text published by the soccer players’ social networks, they address how things happened, clarifying in the first place that they do not accept as true the statement made by Colo Colo on September 14. In addition, they affirm that the club did not comply with the contractual conditions and that, even, Viso had to sleep overcrowded, without comfortable lodging for a professional soccer player and who, thanks to Luis Mena, was able to find a place to stay.

As the central axis of the petition, they demand that both Blanco y Negro, and the Colo Colo Social and Sports Club take charge of the VISA procedures for Ysaura Viso’s couple and that annul the resignation of the scorer. In addition, they ask for the immediate departure of Luis Hormazábal, coordinator of Colo Colo Feminine.

Check the official statement of the Colo Colo Women’s players for the Ysaura Viso case

“As players from the women’s team of Colo Colo, we want to make known to each and every fan of Colo Colo, the media and public opinion in general; that we do not recognize as true the press release published on September 14, 2022, about the alleged “voluntary resignation” of Ysaura Viso. Therefore, we want to express the real reasons why our partner was forced to resign. Viso was hired under certain conditions, including remuneration, management of lodging and procedures necessary to bring her partner, this point being of great importance to her, within all the conditions agreed upon prior to her arrival. The club and leadership did not comply with the search, or paperwork for lodging, being Viso herself, who went out with several of her companions to the streets of Santiago, in order to obtain available leases. Without having any answer, for more than the first semester she had to sleep in unfavorable conditions for any player, which caused muscular ailments in her lower back, Therefore, Viso, in her provision of improvements, her situation obtained several rental alternatives, but the leadership was not able to provide her with the necessary documents to specify one of the options, leaving the player alone in this process, having to resolve on her own. media.

After several months, with the help of our coach Luis Mena, together with a great friend of his; She got a house where she could finally stay without being overcrowded. Regarding the issue of her partner, Ysaura Viso not only waited more than a year, but she was also forced to go through the process to apply for the visa on her own, because the person in charge was unable to effectively manage it. More than 3 different visas were requested and all were rejected, the club excused itself indicating that it was a matter of the country of origin and she was getting out of hand; reason that would be credible if the antecedents were not known that, to the masculine players, being Venezuelans, of other clubs if they have been able to reunite with their relatives in our country.

Now we wonder If Ysaura Viso belonged to the men’s team: would a statement like this have been necessary? Would he have arrived without lodging in the country? Would you have walked the streets of Santiago looking for a rental and sleeping in unsuitable conditions? Would you have had to wait more than a year to apply for his partner’s visa?

Since we have stated the true reasons for your forced resignation, We demand, out of respect for the Colocolina fans and the women’s team, that Blanco y Negro SA and the Social and Sports Club take responsibility and amend the non-compliance with conditions. with Ysaura Viso, which caused her to submit a resignation on September 14, 2022 against her will and what she really wants.

For this reason, we reiterate that we demand an immediate solution, with the processing of the necessary documents for the visa of his partner, that his resignation be rejected and that Mr. Luis Hormazabal, present in the negotiation of the conditions for the arrival of Ysaura is responsible for what was agreed in the meeting, since until now it denies them and does not recognize said commitment. As well as, be released from women’s football in Colo Colo for his lack of professional ethics and respect for us as players.

Finally, we await the recognition of the serious mistake that they have made during all this time with our partner and the injustice of making a statement with false arguments that expose us as a team and her as a person, since We cannot allow that due to poor management by Blanco y Negro and the Social and Sports Club, the squad loses a player as important and dear to us as Ysaura Viso.

It is important to note that Viso is not an isolated case and that there are similar situations with other players on the squad, It is simply showing the result of the mismanagement that has been carried out by the aforementioned leaders.

Due to the foregoing, we expect a timely and immediate response to our demands and considerations, since otherwise we will remain without carrying out our sports activity”.


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