“After all the juice I gave …”: Kathy Orellana’s deep relief in the midst of her rehabilitation

For some time now, Kathy Orellana was involved in a series of controversies that caused talk on social networks.

The singer shared several videos and photos at the time that gave an account of her complex personal moment, which she ended up assuming at the time.

In fact, he is currently in the process of rehabilitation at the Daniel Fuenzalida center, where he hopes to get away from temptations and gradually improve.

For the same, This weekend he made the decision to do an Instagram live to share with his followers how his recovery process is going.

And in this context, he revealed from the outset that he was recommended to “smoke tobacco, natural tobacco. It is richer, yes, but they turn off every so often, no brightness. It still does less damage and you spend less money.”

After cardboard, why did you make the decision to make the transmission. “I did this live because I haven’t talked in a while. After all the juice I gave, now I feel capable, I don’t know if it is capable, but a little more serene, “she acknowledged.

Later, the former Rojo was honest before consulting the “bone” of a follower. “No, I’m not consuming anything, just as suddenly I smoked a little straw to relax. As a form of SOS, ”she assured.

However, he revealed that this issue “we are seeing with my team, my therapists, my psychologist, my psychiatrists.”

Kathy Orellana’s reflection

Finally, Orellana did not miss the opportunity to reflect on the complex moments that have happened in recent times.

“I really believe that God is so powerful and so important in my life that he puts the right moments and people. Perhaps, not perhaps, I am convinced that everything I have gone through was because I had to go through it, ”she launched.

Finally, and already in the comments of the publication, Kathy received a misplaced comment. “I see his distorted face,” they wrote to him.

However, the artist took it with humor. “It will be because I am looking good hahaha and not before hahaha”, she finished off in size mode.

The relief of Kathy Orellana

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