Adán Vergara: “I speak Portuguese well, I can handle English and my idea is to direct abroad”

Although he went through several other clubs, not only in Chile but also abroad, Adán Vergara’s career is strongly tied to Cobreloa. The former defender was born in the Calama team and won several national titles with the loínos.

Today, he works as DT in the training process of the club, in the northern city. From there he spoke with AS to address his present and also his aspirations. The conversation constitutes the second part of a conversation that in its first part dealt with the situation of Carlos Palacios in Vasco da Gama. Vergara acted in the cast of Rio de Janeiro in the 2000s.

“I am directing the Sub 17 of Cobreloa. It has been a very nice experience, above all because I lived the same when I arrived in Calama from Santiago to then move on to the first team. I can pass on to the children my experience of when I left my family and came here to live alone. How they must overcome multiple things, it is just the period”, said the also former central defender of the UC, Unión Española, Temuco, Ñublense and Wanderers and with steps in Switzerland, Mexico, Venezuela and China.

“It also helps me in the future to work with a coaching staff, because here we have a PF (physical trainer) and when Lucho (Luis) Fuentes (DT of the Projection series) plays, I go as an assistant and, when it’s my turn to direct , he does the same. This also helps me to project myself as a technician”, adds the technician who formed a family with Cherry, former member of the dance group safe port, team that achieved fame in the extinct television program Mekano.

– Did you settle with your family in Calama? Some coaches move solo, leaving their spouse and children behind in their hometown.

– No, I’m with Cherry and my family here. We are going to complete four years in Calama and even my wife has already gotten quite used to the issue of tranquility here. Everything is close, people know you and it’s very nice. I’m very happy.

– What are your goals as DT? Are you also targeting professional football?

– Yes, my idea is to burn all the cartridges here in youth soccer in Cobreloa or in another institution later on. My projection is not only in Chile. As a footballer my idea was to play outside and as a coach it is exactly the same. It is looking for something in the international arena, because I speak Portuguese very well, I handle English and, in that sense, my projection is to strengthen myself and lead abroad, to aspire to that.

Vergara in his work in Cobreloa.


Vergara in his work in Cobreloa.

– The experiences abroad can be key then?

– I lived in Switzerland and loved the country. I have the arrival with the team there with Zurich, so it is an intention. I am also in constant communication with the people of Vasco da Gama. I also speak with Renato Gaúcho and his assistant, who have now signed with Gremio. My projection goes there. I want to strengthen myself for as many years as possible with the children and later access the adult part.

– You also played in Mexico and China…

– Yes, I want to do something similar as a coach. In this plane, the important thing that I can offer is also to see myself identified with a club. I went through several teams here in Chile and if I have the identification it is much better too. Someone who has gone through a club as a player has better weapons to defend himself as a coach.

– Recently the coach of Cobreloa, Emiliano Astorga, complained about the poor working conditions of the first team. Is your work very difficult for you?

– Look, we know that the club is in a difficult situation, but it is what it is. We know that an effort is being made, that the leaders needed to invest in the first team. It is being done and, thank God, it is giving good results. We hope it continues like this and we are adapting to what is happening. The children need something and we try to solve it, to pull up in that sense. We must adapt to the moment we are living.

– At this stage as a coach, is there someone who catches your attention?

– At the national level, I like the performance that ‘teacher’ Nelson Acosta gave his teams. He was part of the technicians who were helping one and scoring. How he carried the training loads, how he handled himself on the weekends. Internationally, I love what Renato Gaúcho does with his coaching staff. I am in contact with him and I am always telling him ‘teacher, this is happening, how can I do it’. They are the ones who help me.

– What are the central elements that you could tell us about your work?

– There is an issue that is very important: knowing how to take children. I see some deficiencies and I try to improve them, to solve them personally first and then based on what the group is. I try to get the players to support each other and also be supportive of each other. For me, the main thing is that apart from being good players they are also good people. The main thing is that they have a good behavior both on and off the field of play.

"On the defensive side, I love order, I'm a fan of order"Vergara said.


“On the defensive side, I love order, I’m a fan of order,” Vergara said.

– Should you do extra things about it?

– Sometimes I tear myself away from my house and go to the cadets’ house here to see what they lack, to try to accompany them if someone is in need. Being in the day to day with the kids. If you help them, if you invest in the children, tomorrow they will have no problem responding. That is more or less how my work works here.

– How do you like your team to play?

– Especially here in Calama we put more people up and we try to find the rival goal on offense. We know that here you have to know how to run, I lived it here when I was as a player. We must try to transfer that experience to the children. On visits, we try to show them that with the physical part one can make a difference, when descending from height to sea level.

– And on the tactical level specifically?

– I really like the operations with a lot of breaking of the midfielders in offense as forwards. It was what attracted me the most at the time I played and it was also what complicated me the most when I played as a central defender. They are experiences that one tries to go through. On the defensive end, I love order, I’m a fan of that. Whoever gets out of order in the line of four I take out immediately and of course I always try to guide them. The main thing at this stage is that they arrive in good shape for the first team.

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