Abuses, nights on the street and a death in flames: the scars that made Flor de Rap “unfading”


Since I was little, looking at the stars

With innocence I thought to reach some of them

I remember screams and bottles

Or blood on the floor coming home from school

Oh, what a way to live, silly, my brother steals in his wallet

And now I understand why his hand burns

His rebellion was a problem

If it wasn’t because daddy has left the earth.

This is how the lyrics of “Inmarchitable” begin, a song from the self-titled album released by Ángela Lucero Areyte (33), better known as Flor de Rap. That theme is a kind of manifesto of life, an outlet for a brutal story. Those verses revive episodes from when she was a child and a teenager.

One afternoon, he had left school and arrived back home. She found “everything broken, all the glass in the house with blood,” she recalled on the program Board (Youtube). She was shocked, she did not understand anything. Someone died, she thought.

In reality, his parents had had a “giant” fight.

rap flower.
rap flower.

“It was something of a habit, dishes over the head, a bad situation,” she acknowledged. However, all that ended suddenly, after one day, finally, her mother kicked her father out of the house. He couldn’t believe it. The calm in the home would only be apparent.

A few days later, at about five in the morning, the house’s landline phone rang. It was him. They asked him to stop bothering him and they cut him off.

A few minutes passed and the call came again. She asked his family to look outside. Her mother opened the curtains and there was a “movie-like” explosion. The man had poured paraffin on himself and set fire to his body. He was screaming. Apparently it was a trick that went wrong, one of those he used to do, his daughter recalled. Anyway, that is something that will surely never ever have an answer.

In the middle of the night, the family watched the scene through the window.

That day, his brother had a birthday, he told The Clinic.

“That was what made me write my first song,” she declared. “It is he who taught me the good values ​​that I know, even though he has done these things.” On her right shoulder, the singer has a butterfly tattooed as a tribute to her father, he, the one who raised her: “She flew from this earthly world to the heavenly world.”

Earlier, at the age of eight, after a “rebellious” escape to Tocopilla, he saw some teenagers on a field dancing break dance: “It was love at first sight,” he told Cult. “I fell in love”. From that age she began to dress as a rapper, with the wide clothes that belonged to her brothers

Although, for long seasons, music would be something rather latent, always present, but underground, covered by life, by a routine of falls and starting over from scratch, with isolated, few episodes of glory, because “ It is what has saved me several times from being liquidated, ”he told the Zancada site. “Rap marked my life and is like a father to me.”


I found a little hole where I could live

Looking for cardboard for my body to cover

The cold is huge, I can’t go on like this

Thinking a thousand crazy things and I chose to commit a crime.

His mom made a very good corn cake, in fact, she only made it for special occasions like New Year’s. But, suddenly, that dish was just that, in the memory of a girl. That’s her favorite food to this day.

Ángela lived with her until she was fourteen, when her mother went to live in Quisco, on the central coast. Her offspring did not want that life, she resisted and started. She stayed in her native Antofagasta, some 1,300 kilometers away. “I stayed there, roaming in the street, lost,” she said. “I was practically alone.”

There she had to “survive”, as she herself has said. She was just a teenager and she had to walk the streets of Antofagasta at dawn. As she advanced, she moved “like a pastero so that something could not happen to me; that the dangerous people who were walking at that time, saw that she was one of them”. She wanted her silhouette to be intimidating.

On three occasions he had to sleep on the street. She went around the city, collecting cardboard and using it to cover herself. The same was “shit cold”. In those moments, she was lying there, she looked at the sky and thought: “It’s incredible, really, that this is happening to me.” But she, too, had to be vigilant, “because there are dangers everywhere” at that hour.

Faced with this, alone, without money and nothing to eat, she preferred to start walking in the middle of the dark, letting the hours go by, until dawn.

rap flower.
rap flower.

The need was great, and she wanted to emerge, even if it was from nowhere, and without fear of risk. She started breaking into supermarkets and stealing beauty creams. With them she made money to buy marijuana, which she sold at the university.

Arguably, at least at the time, it went well for him. He enough to rent a room and, meanwhile, continued studying at the high school. “Everything was very cool,” he assured.

But it was an apparent, fragile well-being. A friend of hers, eager to help her, told Angela’s situation to the orientation of the educational campus. “She did it with the intention of helping me, but I went backwards,” she lamented.

Shortly after, someone knocked on the door of the room he was renting. She, on the other side, asked who she was.

—Miss, we are Carabineros.

He had no choice but to open them. Why is she alone here?” they asked her. After that tense exchange, she was taken directly to a children’s home. She was only fifteen years old and she couldn’t continue with her studies.

Very close, a few blocks away, was his brother in jail.

rap flower.
rap flower.

When she entered the place where she would live for two years, her classmates looked at them and she thought: “They’re going to beat the crap out of me.” The next day, she had the girls wash the clothes, with jars and brushes. They put on music to liven up the atmosphere. A song that she brought out “when I was little”, with the rapper Juan Pablo Ruiz, with whom she dated for fourteen years, just sounded.

Angela was encouraged to open her mouth, to say that it was her voice they were listening to. They didn’t believe her, but she insisted. And everything was resolved at the end of the song, when she sings: “This is Angela…”, which years later would be Flor de Rap. “That’s where I earned respect,” she said. “She was like the artist of the home.” She was saved and, as she had done before, she survived, although, in that place, she even smoked base paste.

He was close to turning eighteen, but he decided to run away. She planned it all with a friend. They escaped through the window and then jumped over some sharp bars. Although in the midst of all the adrenaline she dropped the identity card of the diver she was wearing, they still made it.

There was no time to look back. If something was left behind, it was because it had to be that way.

They hid behind the hills, with their hearts beating a hundred times an hour.

rap flower.
rap flower.


Oh my God, why so much misfortune?

From the guy who abused me and stole my childhood

How disgusting that damn instance

Where mother was never, I lost hope.

“I had a pretty bad cue with this question that men touch you, or that you experience things like that,” he said. What’s more, one afternoon she was going back to her house by bus. She was not yet twelve years old. “An old man sat next to me and started putting his hand up my skirt,” she said. “I swear I couldn’t do anything, and it was full of people.”

The girl was paralyzed.

“The same thing always happened to me,” he said. She thinks that these kinds of experiences made her more insecure in life, for example, “this thing about dressing very loose, maybe it was to be able to enter the world of rap, but I also avoided wearing tight things so they couldn’t look at me.”

“That disgusted me,” he declared. “But I got over it.”

Still, that was not the only experience.

rap flower.
rap flower.

He had an uncle on his mother’s side, Sebastián. At some point in his life, he was without a hitch, and he asked the mother of the future singer for help. With her still a child, her parents spent their time outside working on her. “That’s where the old man began to take advantage of me,” she said. “It’s a very sick roe, because they kind of make you fall in love”, to the point that “I felt that he was my protector”. That episode lasted about a full season.

What’s more, until shortly before releasing “Unfading” in 2018, her husband was presented as “the best uncle in the world”. She took a long time to “assume” all the damage that relative did to her.

“He penetrated me, told me that he was teaching me, that it was for me to learn,” he recalled. “It didn’t bother me to accuse him”, because he felt like “his wife of him”. Years later, he began to understand everything, to suspect that he could be doing the same with other minors, taking advantage of all the girls he had within his reach.

At the time, Angela didn’t tell her mom either; she “scared” him.


locked in my room

With biscuits and feeding water

with a huge depression

I made the decision that has left me very hurt

I ripped my hair out and I feel sorry.

Angela has shaved three times in her life. The last time she was for the video clip of “Unmarchitable”, released in April 2019. She was a way to revive. A release, bare the soul. It was, of course, just one take. “For me it was to relive the moment and close the cycle forever,” she said.

The first time he decided to cut all his hair short was when he was 19 years old.

She felt strange. She had become pregnant with the first of her daughters, Rossanita, the same one who has followed in her mother’s footsteps in music, even presenting in Red Talent (TVN). He couldn’t believe it, to the point that he took five pregnancy tests.

Flor de Rap with Rossanita, her eldest daughter.
Flor de Rap with Rossanita, her eldest daughter.

He had a bad time the first few months. The father of the bus “disconnected a little”, so she “was alone”. Angela stayed at a friend’s mom’s house. “I will not abort you / because you are part of my genes”, she thought at the time, as she herself reveals in the aforementioned song.

In that room, he had no TV or light, he was simply “with water and biscuits to eat.” She just looked at the ceiling, covered and lying down, while she listened to the voices outside. There she, depressed, in an erratic decision, she shaved. “I felt bad shooting it” and she wondered why she had done it. She did not recognize me, what she was experiencing was “very rigid”.

The horizon was dark.

“Little by little, my daughter, from my little guatita, began to give me strength, as if she had told me ‘just come on, get alive, let yourself go, help me’”. That’s what Angela felt. “And I did it, with her, I started to get ahead”, to the point that even the father of the creature got his act together, they resumed dating her and continued together for several years.

Despite this, at one point he was unfaithful to her. After those hard years, between 1989 and 2008, Ángela decided to come to Santiago with her daughter and it was the “opportunity” to go to Santiago “to fulfill my dream”, which was “to be part of the national rap scene”, so “that’s where we started this adventure.”

It was already Flower of Rap.

Flower of Rap in New York.
Flower of Rap in New York.

Over time more songs would come, his albums Inmarchitable, Gold (2020) and Butterfly (2021), the concerts, the millions of reproductions and followers, and even a participation in the program Master Chef Celebrity (Channel 13). And of course, a beautiful family with three children.

—When a lot of bad things happen to you, you have two paths: go for the good one or for the bad one —he reflected with Julio César Rodríguez—. Amend everything that happened to you, learn to forgive to seek happiness; or do wrong and take revenge, and live with that hate.

She chose and, even so, declared, “I am grateful for life for the things that happened to me, because they make me the person I am today.”

“Rap saved me, I couldn’t do anything else,” he concluded.

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