A triumph in nine directed dates: Azul Azul decides to put an end to Diego López’s cycle at the University of Chile

A triumph in nine directed dates. Six points out of a possible 27 in the National Tournament. More than 60 days ago against Unión La Calera, in Santa Laura, it was the only victory that Universidad de Chile registered under the command of Diego López, in his almost three months of work in La Cisterna.

The truth is that in the duel against Coquimbo, in the Fifth Region, Diego López finished stoning his future on the U bench. From the stands, Michael Clark, the president, Cecilia Pérez, the vice president, and other members of the board saw how the team failed to raise its performance, despite the fact that they had 10 days of work after the break in the national tournament due to voting made over the weekend.

Once the meeting was over, the leaders of Azul Azul decided to put an end to Diego López’s cycle. Michael Clark will be in charge of communicating it. He will do it today at Playa Ancha or first thing tomorrow, depending on how the dressing room is after the suffered equality against the Pirates. As El Deportivo was able to find out, patience has run out with the coach. The dismissal will cost close to $800 million in severance pay.

Sebastián Miranda will assume his replacement. It is the idea of ​​the leadership, which has yet to consider it. Diego López’s current assistant was already registering an internship at the helm of the team that trains at La Cisterna after the dismissal of Santiago Escobar. Your numbers? Two wins and two losses in four games managed.

At a press conference, López was not aware of the dismissal. “There are things that the leaders or the players must answer. You have to ask them.”, was what the trainer replied when asked about his permanence. However, López made it clear that he was not going to resign. “I have the strength to reverse this situation and I feel good to continue. The work is from day to day and this does not happen by not sweating the shirt, that’s why we have to run better. But we have the confidence to reverse this situation, which is very difficult for all of us.”

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