“A tantrum”: they declassify the episode that “took hives” on Daniela Aránguiz and would have caused a crisis with Jorge Valdivia

A few days ago, rumors began to circulate of an alleged break between Daniela Aránguiz and Jorge Valdivia, after both stopped following each other on social networks and the soccer player’s photos disappeared from the influencer’s Instagram profile.

Nevertheless, the former girl Mekano He went out in front of the cahuín and denied the alleged separation between the two.

“We have been married for 17 years and there are fights. And things happen like we follow each other on Instagram, we don’t follow each other, I archive photos and so on. They are bullshit. How is a couple not going to get angry suddenly if it takes so long?” Daniela assured.

Although the influencer did not want to explain what triggered the strange behavior online, in I beat revealed all the details of the episode that would have “brought welts” to the former Mekano.

I beat
I beat

In this Wednesday’s chapter of the entertainment program, Luis Sandoval claimed to know the reasons for the complex moment they would have lived.

“A couple of days ago, Jorge “Mago” Valdivia would have gone out for a ride with Claudio, his brother,” the journalist began, adding that Daniela was not part of the outing since she was on a trip to Brazil.

Likewise, the communicator added that “he finds out that the Magician goes out to taxi with his brother and that would not have seemed good to him at all.”

“I imagine that rumors reached her that they had to do with what there were pretty girls, hanging around, fighting,” said the journalist.

This would have “brought out welts” in Daniela, adding that “the last break of the couple would have occurred there.”

“That reel is what would have caused the anger, the rage, the anger of that girl, who is obviously very powdery, and that is what caused, I don’t know if an attack of jealousy but a tantrum,” Luis Sandoval concluded.

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