“A little distant and a little cold”: Leonor Varela revealed her particular experience with Jennifer Lopez

Leonor Varela was the most recent guest on the program but with respect conducted by Julio César Rodríguez.

It was during that conversation that he revealed his particular experience with Jennifer López, with whom he worked in the miniseries “How a Woman Loves”.

Yes, strictly speaking I played Jennifer Lopez. It was a product, a project that was a miniseries that she acted as a producer and that she cast me as herself and she wanted to tell the love story between Ben Affleck and Mark Anthony and now look how she turned around”, recalled Leonor.

Along the same lines, the actress confessed that at no time was the artist interested in meeting who would play her in the miniseries.

“He auditioned me and I was no more. I met her … let’s see, Jennifer is a great professional, she is a beast at work with enormous talent, she is an entrepreneur in many fields with her beauty products, music, with everything that is presented, “he said.

A rare project

However, he added that “but it is very rare. I did not feel a warmth, a feminine closeness of friendship from her and that I have with a lot of other actresses just as cool and talented.

“If you look at her, she is not surrounded by childhood friends, she does not have friends in the middle, she is a fairly distant person,” reflected Leonor.

She also revealed that it was a “rare” project for her. “He never gave me the time to sit down and talk (…) so I was doing it quite alone and it’s a project we did for television,” she explained.

“It was a strange project for me (…) It was a little distant and a little cold, but I think it’s not particularly towards me, I think she’s like that,” he confessed.

Finally, Julio César joked that the second part of the story would now come, since J-Lo returned with Ben Affleck. But Leonor jokingly pointed out that they call another actress to play the Diva from the Bronx.

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