“A little classist and condescending”: Cristián Campos criticizes interviews with voters after the plebiscite

After the triumph of Rejection in the exit plebiscite, different interviews with citizens have gone viral on social networks. These are anonymous people who voted for this option and make known their reasons for lowering their finger on the constitutional proposal.

Considering that the arguments lack weight or logic, those who voted for the Approval criticize and lament the misinformation. In fact, they point to it as one of the causes to explain the categorical defeat.

However, there are also those who question the dissemination of these audiovisual records. Such is the case of the actor Cristián Campos.

“Uploading interviews of humble and quite uninformed people explaining their vote in the plebiscite seems to me to be a manipulation that does not help us understand,” the interpreter wrote on his Twitter account.

In addition, he stated that doing so “is making fun of the good faith of the interviewee. A bit classy and condescending. Bad there”.

reactions and discussion

As expected, Campos’ analysis generated a series of reactions from his followers.

“Very sensible of you. I don’t understand what they are looking for. The vote is over, whether we like the result or not. Let’s move forward, fast and steady. Exposing people is not worthy”, “These people were well informed, the problem is that the information with which they formed an idea and went to vote was not true. Poor people voting like rich people. The manipulation was part of the rejection”, “Do you find it more serious that these people be interviewed than the flagrant deception to which they were exposed?”, “Many CCs have said that the proposal was lacking, that it was not enough and still the chosen by the lord (38%) insist that the voters of the rejection are ignorant” and “A little classist and condescending, just a little? They have insulted the public since Sunday’s defeat with unpresentable comments,” were some of the comments generated by the actor.

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