“A foreign body appeared on my back…”: Jordi Castell surprised after revealing that he faced a complex state of health

The photographer and show commentator, Jordi Castell surprised his followers after sharing a photograph on social networks where you can see a scar on his back.

It should be noted that a few days ago the photographer spoke on Instagram with Angélica Castro about a health problem that had plagued him for some time.

Through his official Instagram account, the SQP commenter posted a record of his little scar.

“We know that @dermacross has taken charge of each process to treat with state-of-the-art machines, both anti-aging procedures, super modern treatments that have brought a fantastic coexistence over the years and cosmetic technology,” he said.

“But not everything is aesthetic and this time it was different. A foreign body appeared on my back and we had to react in time to send it to be checked. Fortunately there are pure good results thanks to the reaction in precise time of the whole team”, he added.

“Thank you for the trust you have always had, the speed to resolve everything in this matter for the peace of mind of being in good hands and the scar, adds with courtesy to those that life accumulates,” he concluded.

The comments were not long in coming after its publication. “I find that wound gives you all the style. How good it went well ”,“ it’s good that Jordi is well ”,“ uff luckily! ”,“ At a good time ”, were some of the messages left by his followers.

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