“A balm for the Chileans who were worried”: Álvaro Salas highlights the result of the plebiscite

“The first time I experienced a situation like this outside the country, it caught me in Canada, on a trip that was scheduled well in advance. The Chilean outside is very calm, not celebrating, but very calm because of the result”.

In this way, Álvaro Salas referred to the exit plebiscite of last September 4 that concluded with a categorical victory of the Rejection of the constitutional proposal prepared by the Constitutional Convention.

“‘How good for our country,’ they said, for once again giving true value to our flag, to our anthem and to what all Chileans want, which is tranquility,” added the comedian, on the program Youtube by Fernando Villegas.

“We were worried”

Likewise, the ex-panelist of “Long live Monday” maintained that “everywhere people want security and live in peace (…) Let’s not divide ourselves anymore. I think this result has been like a balm for all Chileans who were really worried about what was coming to us”.

Finally, he questioned the criticism by the supporters of the Approval once the result of the plebiscite was confirmed: “When they won last time and swept away, (they said) ‘the people told the truth, the people dotted the i’s’, and now they say ‘the lie won, ignorance won’”.

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